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Calculate the duration between two dates and add or subtract from a given date.

Calculate Days Between Two Dates

Use it to find out days between dates. Enter the date and click calculate to get the result.

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Add to or Subtract from a Date

Use it to add or subtract days to a given date. Hit the Calculate button to get the result.

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To add days enter a positive number (e.g. 5) or to subtract days enter a negative number (e.g. -3)

Our tool can assist with date calculations, such as business days, workdays, holidays, and upcoming birthdays. It's easy to use, free, and time saving.

History of the Gregorian Calendar

The calendar we use today is called the Gregorian Calendar. It got its name from Pope Gregory XIII, who made it better in 1582.

Before that, people used the Julian Calendar, created by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. It had a small problem – it was about 11 minutes too long each year. That made the calendar's dates not match the seasons.

So, Pope Gregory fixed it in October 1582 and making new rules for leap years. In this calendar, most years that can be divided by 4 are leap years. But if a year is divisible by 100, it's not a leap year, except if it's also divisible by 400. These changes made the calendar match the solar year better.

At first, only some countries used this new calendar, mainly those that followed the Catholic faith. But eventually, it spread all around the world.

Now, the Gregorian Calendar is the most common one worldwide. We use it for school, work, and keeping track of the seasons – knowing when spring, summer, fall, and winter start.

Date Calculator FAQs

Is the Calculator Accurate for Leap Years?

Yes, our calculator is 100% accurate. It counts leap years when figuring out total number of days.

Can I Calculate Dates in the past or Future?

Yes, our calculator allows you to compute dates both in the past and in the future.

How to Calculate Number of Days Between Two Dates in Excel?

To calculate the number of days difference between two dates in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Input Start Date: In an empty cell, type (e.g., '01/01/2023') in cell A1.
  2. Input End Date: In another empty cell, type (e.g., '02/25/2023') in cell B1.
  3. Use Subtraction Formula: In a third cell, use the formula '=B1 - A1' to calculate days.
  4. Press Enter: After entering the formula, hit the Enter key.

This simple method subtracts the dates to give you the number of days between them. Make sure the date cells are correctly formatted.

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